About Us


When Guatemalan artisans weave their richly colored textiles, they bring to life designs their Mayan ancestors adapted from Spanish Conquistadors in the 16th century. Infused with regional color schemes and motifs, they are like no other textiles in the world and are still worn daily by the people of Guatemala.

As a young child, I was introduced to the textile world through my mother who grew up in Bolivia. These colorful weavings were displayed throughout our home. It wasn't until I was older that I truly began to appreciate the intricacy and beauty of these weavers' designs and the stories they told. Their beauty and originality inspired me to launch a line of unique handmade products while providing a new market for Guatemalan textile artisans. 

Fresco Fabrics products are handmade and exclusively designed colorful products of the highest quality cotton. Many of the techniques used to make them take weeks or months for a single product. As a woman-owned business, I endeavor to support the craftsmanship of local communities and create unique designs for people who are willing to show their individuality and spirit. As our company motto states "Embrace Bright!" Disfrute (Enjoy) - Annie Castleberry, Owner of Fresco Fabrics